A very non-intimidating person.

The #1 HALCALI fan in the US. And Yubin is my homegirl<3 Lone Ke$ha stan. In love with HG Wells. Debbie Harry and Fleetwood Mac fangirl for life.

Huge Gleek. Far too emotionally invested in Brittana.

Basically gonna make Glee graphics and then reblog Glee (read as: Brittana), Yubin, Ke$ha, Warehouse 13, and HALCALI.

Totally not a spoiler safe zone.


My graphics~

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60 sec fic re-enactments



nice you came to philly?

I actually live in Philly so it wasn’t a hard journey for me haha. But my friend was visiting and what better way to spend the day than shoving pizza in your face!

Pizza Quest 2014 - Philadelphia Edition

When you travel to 9 pizza places in a day and get a slice at each it is not deducted from one’s lifespan.