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How do you do it? Reconcile your two disparate worlds. Bottling up the unknown in warehouse 12 so it doesn’t destroy us - was with your next breath inventing the latest perils. And all with such a joie de vivre despite…your misfortune.

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Despite Glee trying to destroy Quinn I feel like she is the most qualified to tell others what's going on because of all the crap that happened to her. She also knows both sides she's friends with Brittana but she is also friends with Mercedes and Rachel maybe it's also Dianna's acting but I had a feeling that she just doesn't give a fuck anymore and that is also reflected in Quinn but how about Mike and Quinn telling Elliot? I also picture her with a fancy cocktail in hand for whatever reason.

Haha I don’t think Glee even remembers half the stuff it has made happen to Quinn, but I’m 100% with you on the not giving a fuck anymore. Quinn would totally just hole up next to Elliott cocktail loaded like in the wedding episode and be all, “let me tell you how fucked up our high school was.”

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lol at that Elliot post and he hasn't even met most of them yet. Can you imagine what it would be like with Mercedes Brittany and Quinn there too? Every other day would be a diva off and I can't even imagine what Santana would come up with now that she finally has some backup against the others. Quinn would just take him to the side and tell him not to worry that's just normal behaviour for all of them :P This should be ficed